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Deliver healthier, cleaner produce from the greenhouse to the grocer. Top Greenhouses employs the latest solutions in agro-technology to enable customers to maximize each growing cycle, provide higher quality produce and obtain higher prices for their crops. By designing individually-tailored turnkey projects, Top offers its customers the most economical, efficient structures and systems, suited to local environmental conditions, water availability and budget allocations. For the most comprehensive greenhouse project development and support, trust Top Greenhouses to help you grow...

TOP Greenhouses – Your One Stop Solution

If you are active in the world of agriculture or horticulture, than at some stage or another, you will need of greenhouse.  Whether growing vegetables, fruits, house plants or clean cuttings, a green house is often required to meet climate, client and/or biological import regulations of countries you may be exporting to.  TOP has over 17 years of experience in over 100 different projects providing farmers and growers in Israel and around the world with advanced, specialized greenhouses designed to meet all the challenges and requirements faced by you, the farmer.

Greenhouses – From Design to Farmer

Top has been in the business of designing, producing and marketing advanced greenhouses for over 16 years.  We don’t just sell you a green house, we design and produce it ourselves so that we have complete control over all stages of the process.  You can be confident that with us you get the very best possible product available.

A Greenhouse for Every Climate

We have produced and installed greenhouses around the world.  We find solutions for all climatic and environmental conditions so that you, the grower, can produce a healthy and profitable crop.

Turn-Key Greenhouses

A green house is much more than a frame covered in polythene, polycarbonate or netting.  It is a series of systems that work together to produce optimum results. We specialize in providing a total solution for your greenhouses.  Irrigation systems, ventilation and heating, tables and trellises, lighting, growing media and containers, ground cover and even hydroponic systems.  When we finish erecting and installing the systems – you’re ready to start planting.

Greenhouses for all Crops

Our greenhouses are designed for all crop types.  If this season you’re growing tomatoes and next season peppers or house plants – with us you will meet the challenge with minimum adaptation.

Cost Effective Greenhouses

Because we have complete control over the design and production process and a wealth of experience in providing solutions for producers across the globe, here at TOP we provide you with cost effective solutions that let you grow your crops in optimal conditions at a very competitive price.  We can provide you with cost saving system that utilize alternative energy sources, water recycling and more.  TOP is your “one stop shop” for greenhouses and associated equipment.

Packaging Plants

Packing plants are essential for any agricultural enterprise.  When you control over your own packing, you are able to maintain uniformity, quality and standards.  Top provides structures that can be used to sort, grade and pack your produce or any other function you require.

Our Clients

Our clients come from every field of agriculture including farmers who are moving from open field farming to greenhouse farming and established greenhouse farmers who are looking for new, top quality, cost effective solutions.

TOP also works with large companies seeking a turn-key solution to transform an area of land into a profitable enterprise.

We’re here to Help

Our team of highly experienced experts are waiting to help our clients choose the best greenhouse and the best sub-systems for their needs. 

Contact us now, we respond fast.

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