Elyahu Group

Elyahu Zalman & Sons Metal Tube Industry Ltd. is the leading metal tube and profiles manufacturing and trading company, Active since 1970.

The company later incorporated into the "Elyahu Group" founded by 1980 basically as a family business utilizing the knowledge gathered all of those years on the field and working by standards like ISO 9002-2008, and many others.

Since then the Group has expanded their interests and founded Top Greenhouses, this allow us to benefits from a continuous supply of high-quality raw materials, Professional, in-house manufactured, standard and customized assembly parts are prefabricated and easily assembled on site.

Elyahu Group is a pioneer in the technology of producing pipes & profiles, using advanced methods like "Cage forming" and "Direct Forming" to enable it to compete with the global supply, sitting on a 25,000sqm with the capability of producing more than 70,000 tons/year.

Top Greenhouse employs around 80 people at its facility. Top Greenhouses annual production capability is 5,000 ha. The expansion of Top Greenhouses' areas of operations in the last two years has introduced a new era of growth and renewal.

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